BtcReport is an iOS application designed to track the active price of bitcoin in a variety of currencies, exchanges, and offers users complementary functionality such as news, price alerts and currency conversion.

Clean Home Screen

The current price dominates the minimalist home screen. A three day chart accompanies the price along with today's high and low and 24hr delta.

Follow the Daily News

Swipe to the left to quickly see what's happening in the Bitcoin world as it's unfolding from multiple sources. Each article is presented and overlayed on the chart for a realtime view with price movement.

Easy Conversions

Two swipes to the left brings up a dedicated conversion tool so that common calculations are easily executable.

Chromatic Options

Choose from a range of color schemes inspired by our favorite cities.

Intuitive Alerts

Swiping to the right reveals an alerts pane where users can set push notifications when bitcoin goes above or a below a given price on an exchange.

The Numbers

Since 2011, btcReport has been known for its clean and ethical design.